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If the work of Evangelization is to be effective, it needs to be backed-up by ongoing prayer and intercession. Households are provided with electrical energy because there is a source, a power station, which provides this energy. In much the same way, Prayer has to be the power house of all Evangelization efforts in order that the Good News reaches the whole world. The Lord himself showed us the way: it was only after nights of prayer that he would go out to preach, teach and heal. And all Evangelizers have to follow Jesus who was the first and greatest Evangelizer of all time.


Evangelization 2000 promotes the Prayer Campaign on each continent, and there are various Coordinators in several countries. The aims of Prayer Campaign include the following:

  • to enlist individuals and groups to commit themselves to ongoing prayer for Evangelization and the co-ordinating of these efforts.
  • to explain the importance of prayer.
  • to present general and specific intentions.


Who Can Become a Member?

Anyone who has a heart for Evangelization is welcome to join. Some people, like the sick and the aged, can contribute immensely to the work of Evangelization by becoming intercessors. Indeed their intercessory participation is as valid and important as the work of the actual evangelizers themselves. Groups such as lay communities, prayer groups, rosary circles, school groups, parish cell groups, family groups, Divine Mercy groups, institutes of consecrated life, seminarians and other groups are exhorted to participate actively.

What Commitment Does It Involve?

The following prayers and intercessions are suggested:

  • daily prayers. It may be for just a few minutes.
  • reciting the Rosary, daily or frequently.
  • weekly communitarian prayer in Groups.
  • 1 Hour adoration weekly before the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Fasting for 1 day weekly, especially on Fridays.

Why Should I/We Register as Members?

An individual or group is not necessarily requested to enlist formally. One can start praying straight away on a personal basis. However, if the local Prayer Campaign Coordinator knows about your commitment and has your details, you will be put on the mailing list and receive prayer intentions, printed material that may be issued from time to time, invitations to participate in local prayer activities such as seminars, training, etc.
It would be nice for us to know you and that you are a part of our family!




Jill Rodrigues,
Cavenagh House #06 - 109,
100 Clemenceau Ave. North,
Singapore 229401

tel. 65 736-4773
fax. 65 736-2139
e-mail.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Sr. Frances Fitzsimons,
St. Mary's Convent, 
High street, Rochampton,
London SW15 AHJ.

tel. 44 208 788 1171
fax. 44 208 785 7381


Liliana Scianca,
Via Principessa Felicita di Savoia, 8/11
10100 Torino.

tel. 39 11 6701313


Sr. Maura Killane,
Daughters of Charity,
St. Catherine's
Temple Hill,
Blackrock, Co. Dublin.


Maria Kantor,
Praska 59/10, 
30-322 Krakow.

tel. 48 12 26 65 480
e-mail. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Martha Pereira,
Rua do Sardonal 87-1,
4700 Braga.

tel. 351 53 76918


Mrs. Terry Bork
14221 Sturtevant Road, 
Silver Spring, MD 20905.

tel. 301-384-1634
fax. 301-384-1492
e-mail. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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