ACCSE is a loosely structured Association whose specific service is:

  • The promotion of Schools* of Evangelization on national, diocesan, and even parochial levels throughout the Catholic Church;
  • Supporting Schools of Evangelization especially in their initiation phase;
  • Encouraging networking of Schools of Evangelization to share resources, training, courses, personnel, creativity, etc
  • Organising Regional, Continental and World-wide Conferences, Outreaches, Retreats and Seminars.
  • Registration with ACCSE does not mean “membership” but it simply helps Evangelization 2033 to identify how the Holy Spirit is moving in the different countries. It enables us invite you to network with us and the other Schools of Evangelization and making sure you are invited to events that are organized.  We are also interested to know how God is working through you.

*Schools of Evangelization is a generic term given to Groups, Centres and Communities which provide ongoing formation and training courses covering the initial proclamation of the Kerygma going onto discipleship and outreaching/mission so that Catholics become Missionary Disciples spreading the Good News of Jesus.  There are a variety of Schools from the Parish-based Schools, running ongoing,  part-time (evening/weekend training) to Community based, full time residential Schools which may have a full year training and experience. 

For a fuller detailed understanding of ACCSE please read the ACCSE guidelines. Click here.